Strangely-colored brews aren’t just for St. Patrick’s Day anymore, apparently!
Credit: Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

One day a year, absurdly-colored beers get a pass: It’s called St. Patrick’s Day—and every bar looking to unload their most unwanted keg will gladly add some food coloring to turn the beer a garish green. But apparently, not everyone got this “one day a year” memo because, to celebrate the team’s first home playoff game since the year 2000, the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly planning to sell beer intended to match the hue of the team’s jerseys: teal.

According to ESPN staff writer Michael DiRocco, “The team announced Wednesday that they'll be selling teal beer at EverBank Field on Sunday during the playoff game against Buffalo. The special craft beer by Anheuser-Busch will be sold while supplies last.”

The Jaguars, who last made the playoffs during the 2007 season, haven’t hosted a home playoff game since playing the Tennessee Titans at home on January 23, 2000, a loss that put an end to their 1999 season. This Sunday, Jacksonville will host a matchup between the Jags and the Bills.

As for the beer itself, few other details exist with the most burning question being: How was it colored? The obvious answer would be that some sort of coloring ingredient was added to an already existing batch of beer; however, the Jaguars did clinch their playoff birth back on December 17. Though conceiving, brewing, packaging and distributing a beer in a three-week window is a tight schedule, it’s certainly not impossible, meaning the beer could truly have been brewed to be teal from the get go.

Interestingly, back in 2015, Anheuser-Busch and the Jaguars ran a special partnership where fans were promised to be served the “Freshest Beer Ever.” Translation: All the Bud Light draft beer sold during the game was “Born On” game day at the local Anheuser-Busch brewery and immediately delivered to the stadium. So these two organizations have been through a similar drill before.

As an additional side note, ESPN also reported that “Delaware North, which handles the stadium's concessions, also will be creating some teal food items for sale, though the company did not elaborate on what those could be.” Talk about a beer and food pairing!