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Pub culture is huge in Ireland. Everyone has a favorite local pub, a place for enjoying the craic and a cold pint. While Irish beer might be synonymous with Guinness, first brewed in Dublin in the 18th century and known for its creamy texture, there's a lot more to beer in Ireland. Historically, the country produced ale, without hops, but now exports lager, Irish red ale, stout, and craft beer. Irish craft breweries are a growing trend, with the number of breweries quadrupling in just the past few years. Learn our favorite bottlings, ways to cook with Guinness, plus much more in Food & Wine's guide to Irish beer.

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Excellent Irish Beers Beyond Guinness
Quick: What’s the first Irish beer you can think of? Probably, Guinness. But what about the second Irish beer? And no, “green” is not a brand of beer. Guinness has become such an iconic product that the world-famous stout seems to overshadow the rest of the Irish beer market – even in Ireland. But though the Emerald Isle has lagged a bit behind other countries in modernizing its beer scene, its still home to plenty of wonderful craft breweries serving all sorts of interesting libations beyond stouts (though you can find some damn fine stouts besides Guinness in Ireland too!)So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day – while your slug back Guinnesses or, in a less fitting tribute, American macro-lagers that have been colored green – here is a list of seven Irish-made brews to prove that Ireland is not a one-trick pony… —Mike Pomranz