It has a very punny name.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Ian West / Getty Images

In 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy, the film based off the Marvel Comics superheroes, was a critical and commercial smash. The sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, is off to a similar start, once again getting thumbs up from the critics and crushing last weekend’s opening box office by raking in nearly $150 million. So let’s just say, a forthcoming GotG-inspired beer has a lot to live up to – though its punny name, “I Am Brewt,” is a decent start.

For six years now, Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery has held an annual competition in conjunction with Denver Comic Con. The challenge is simple: Tap into the corniest part of your brain and use those wordplay forming abilities to name the official beer of Denver Comic Con, making sure to give a nod to both the comic con world and the brewing world. Previous winners include The Fantastic Pour, The Caped Brewsader, Brews Wayne, Hulk’s Mash and Snape-ricot. (Hopefully, after reading those you quietly thought, “Oh, I get it.”) This year, the big winner is… drum roll… Oh, wait… I already told you. It’s “I Am Brewt” – inspired by the catchphrase of the tree-like galaxy guardian, Groot.

Though the name is GotG-inspired, the beer itself is a bit more straightforward, a Bohemian-style pilsner. “We’ve been playing around with trying to do a pilsner anyway, and just playing around with what we thought would be a possible good, easy-drinking, clean beer,” Breckenridge brand manager Ryan Workman told The Know. “That’s the goal for the comic con beers—something that everyone will like.” Fair enough. These are comic nerds, not beer geeks.

The winning name came from Rhiana Elizabeth Henry, who for her efforts will receive free Breckenridge beer for a year as well as a Denver Comic Con beer tap. The beer itself will debut at a beer-release party on June 6 before becoming available at select venues around the Colorado Convention Center leading up to Denver Comic Con which is June 30 to July 2. Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 in theaters now!