The beer will debut at a pair of Foo Fighters-themed pop-up bars in Sydney and Melbourne.
Credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Nowadays, every band worth its salt seems to have a beer. Whether punk (NOFX got its own beer last September) or metal (Iron Maiden has had a bunch of beers) or lo-fi (even indie rock stalwarts Guided By Voices inspired a beer), no genre has gone un-brewed. So it’s only fitting that one of the biggest rock bands still around today would get its beer tribute: Foo Fighters have teamed up with Young Henrys brewery to release its own beer when the band tours Australia later this month.

Foo Fighters Foo Town Lager – apparently a spin on Newtown, the name of the Sydney suburb where Young Henrys is based – is described as a relatively low-alcohol 4-percent ABV lager. “It tastes like a bright summer day encapsulated in a can as black as my jeans,” Young Henrys CEO Oscar McMahon told Australia’s Broadsheet. “It's a hoppy lager that drinks all night long.” The easy-drinking brew will debut at two Foo Fighter pop-up bars later this month: first, at Fooie Bar (actually known as Cherry Bar) in Melbourne from January 24 to 27, then at Foo Fighters Hotel (actually known as the Hotel Hollywood) in Sydney from January 27 to 30. After that, the rest of the country will be able to order the beer through the Young Henrys’ website.

This actually isn’t the first time the Foo Fighters have had their own beer. The band unleashed a similar concept on the British leg of their tour, transforming the London pub The Dundee Arms into “The Foo Fighters Arms” and teaming up with three local breweries (The Five Points, Truman, and Signature Brew) to offer three Foo Fighters-themed brews, all named after tracks from the band’s newest album, Concrete and Gold. However, in that instance, the beers never appeared to be on sale to the greater public like Young Henry plans to do with Foo Town Lager.

So how do you score a gig making rock star beers?

“During the planning conversations of the Sydney and Melbourne [pop-up bars], the question was asked: ‘Is there an Australian beer company we could work with to create a beer for the tour?’” explained McMahon. “Thankfully we were front of mind and deemed a good fit from Camp Foo due to the fact YH has a history of working on fun projects with good people and is passionate about spreading the good word on live music in Australia by supporting artists, tours and venues in whatever ways we can.”