Craft breweries across the US are offering something new: superior food and beer pairings as ambitious as anything you'd find at a wine bar. Here's what to eat and drink at four great places.

By Chelsea Morse
Updated June 29, 2017
© Jonathan Boncek

Brewer's Table, Minneapolis
What to Eat: Foie gras with fermented brussels sprouts.
What to Drink: Red wine barrel-aged sour ale Pentagram

Small Brewpub, Dallas
What to Eat: Warm beets with lardo and basil gremolata.
What to Drink: Black Pepper Pils, a spiced pilsner-rye blend.

Arts District Brewing Co., L.A.
What to Eat: Chicken confit sandwich.
What to Drink: Smooth, malty Irish red Stumblin Dublin.

Edmund's Oast, Charleston, SC
What to Eat: Carrot, egg and potato salad (pictured).
What to Drink: Australasia, a dry, citrusy sparkling ale.

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