The Centennial State offers one of the most cohesive beer weeks in the country.

Colorado Craft Beer Festival
Credit: tomorca/Getty Images

From Philadelphia to San Francisco and everywhere in between, plenty of cities and states have tried to capitalize on the craft beer boom by declaring “craft beer weeks.” The whole country even has an American Craft Beer Week from May 14 to 20. But though dedicating certain dates for beer is easy, ending up with a cohesive and successful week can be trickier. Luckily, for Coloradoans, their state has one of the country’s better beer weeks. It officially kicks off this Saturday, March 31.

Getting the week rolling is one of the state’s signature beer events and a worthy stop all its own: Collaboration Fest in Denver. Now in its fifth year, this massive festival teams up breweries from across Colorado and the country – over 190 breweries in all this year – to create unique collaborative beers brewed specifically for the event. As a result, unlike many festivals where brewers simply drag out their standard offerings, Collaboration Fest guarantees a wild lineup of typically experimental beers, a challenge to the breweries and attendees alike.

The rest of Colorado Craft Beer Week is held together by a daily theme.

Monday is dedicated to education. Tuesday is intended for food and beer pairing events. On Thursday, craft beer fans state-wide are being encouraged to show their beer pride by wearing their favorite craft beer gear (cheesy, sure, but why not?) On Friday, participating breweries will highlight a special release on what’s been dubbed “New Beer Friday.” And Saturday is slated as the “tour the brewery or meet the brewer” day – which includes a seven-brewery bus loop around the Denver area.

However, the day that appears to be receiving the most participation is Wednesday – the third annual Colorado Pint Day. For 2018, the Colorado Brewers Guild choose a theme of “Colorado’s 300+ Days of Sunshine and 300+ Breweries” and worked with the independent artist Brendan O’Connor to create a limited edition design for some nice Rastal pint glasses. One dollar from each pint sold goes to support the guild, and drinkers get to keep the glass. Over 75 breweries are participating in the promotion and showing their support for the Colorado Brewers Guild, which also puts together the annual craft beer week.

“Craft beer is not just about the liquid in the glass,” Steve Kurowski of the Colorado Brewers Guild said in a statement. “It is a part of our state’s DNA through community, entrepreneurial spirit, jobs and building the local economy.” That said, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the liquid in the glass too.