The American Styles coursebook and exam is now part of the Road to Cicerone track.
Credit: Lauri Patterson/Getty Images

One of the great things about beer is that it’s a millennia-old global phenomenon with local roots. Styles have sprung up everywhere from Belgium to Mexico to Japan. In the United States, while brewing has been around for centuries, in recent years the craft beer boom has seen a landscape of breweries totaling more than 7,000. Out of this newfound dedication to resurfacing and reimagining beer styles, we’ve seen New England IPAs and West Coast IPAs expand in popularity, in addition to Americanized takes on lagers, pilsners, blonde ales, stouts, and unique creations like cream ales available pretty much everywhere thanks to the proliferation of craft beer culture in every corner of the country. With such diverse domestic offerings, the Chicago-based Cicerone Certification Program — the organization behind proving beer experts are worth their salt by offering courses, exams, and cicerone certification — has added an additional course focusing on these American beer styles.

According to a statement from CCP, “The new American Beer Styles coursebook covers a comprehensive range of American beer history, brewing methods, service and styles. The content unfolds through 16 chapters and 20 hands-on activities. These include exercises like side-by-side beer comparison tastings, hop aroma memory building, malt comparisons and fermentation flavor exploration.”

Available now, the new coursebook has been added to the Road to Cicerone track, which features five separate self-guided study sections: A German course focusing on German and Czech beers, a British & Irish course, a Brewing Ingredients & Process course, a Keeping & Serving Beer course, and the newly added American course. According to the website, each course covers its subject matter “at the level required to earn the specialist badge and prepare for the Certified Cicerone exam.” The individual courses cost $59 each and includes the study guide and 72-question online exam. (It’s also available without the exam for $39.)

“We set out to create an educational series with two goals in mind,” Cicerone Certification Program founder and director Ray Daniels said, according to Brewbound. “First, to recognize individuals who want to enhance their credentials beyond Certified Beer Server but don’t want to take the Certified Cicerone exam, and second, to help those preparing for higher-level exams. The Road to Cicerone series accomplishes both goals.”

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