On Thursday, December 20, breweries across the U.S. will be raising a glass to further support the cause.

Sierra Nevada Resilience IPA
Credit: Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

As one of America’s largest craft breweries — a purportedly billion dollar business that still garners serious respect from the beer community — Sierra Nevada has been, and clearly still is, a leader in the industry. So when the Chico-based brewery put out a call to other breweries to join them in making a beer to raise money for those impacted by the recent Camp Fire wildfires in Northern California, it was a near certainty that plenty of brewers would hop on board… but over 1,400 breweries is downright incredible.

Even at a time when the U.S. has crossed the 7,000 brewery threshold, getting 1,481 breweries — the number currently listed on Sierra Nevada’s official spreadsheet — to produce the same beer on your behalf is a remarkable showing of solidarity. That means about one in five breweries in America are releasing their own version of Resilience Butte County Proud IPA — which is the name of the beer that Sierra Nevada created, brewed, and spread the recipe for nationwide to support Californians in need. "We sent out the ‘bat signal’ calling our friends in the industry, asking our suppliers to donate ingredients, asking other breweries (our competitors) to donate their time and labor costs, and asking our wholesalers and retailers to carry the beer for free," Sierra Nevada wrote on its website. "It was a big ask, and we never could have anticipated the response."

In total, Sierra Nevada says that more than 17,000 barrels — or about 4.2 million pints — of Resilience IPA are hitting the market as we speak, with "every dollar" the Chico brewery receives going to support those impacted by the fires. The hope is that these sales can raise over $10 million to rebuild Butte County.

Additionally, to hammer the overwhelming response home, Sierra Nevada is sponsoring Resilience Night this Thursday, December 20 — a chance for all 1,400-plus brewers, and all the drinkers who are supporting the cause by buying these beers, to raise a glass together to toast this effort. If you are interested in taking part, Sierra Nevada suggests finding your local participating brewery on its website… just be prepared to do some serious scrolling for a good cause.