Courtesy of Boston BeerJim Koch of Samuel Adams knows that starting a food or beverage business is hard.Here, Koch tells F&W what he's doing to help small businesses>
Jim Koch of Sam Adams with brewers from Roc Brewing

Courtesy of Boston Beer

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own food business, Jim Koch, the founder of Samuel Adams, wants to help. Today his company announced a million-dollar commitment to help small businesses in food, beverage and hospitality. The Brewing the American Dream initiative was previously available in only a few cities, but now it will provide loans and business advice to startups across the country.

“When I started my company in 1984, no bank would lend me money so I had to bootstrap the business with money from friends and family,” Koch tells F&W. “Making a small business successful is very hard and demanding work, and it can be hard work for years or even decades."

In addition to a lending component, the program will offer one-on-one coaching with experts, like Koch.

Here, information on how to apply for Brewing the American Dream.