The brand co-produced the film about the people keeping its beer consistent around the world.

Credit: Gravitas Ventures

The hippest trend in craft brewing might be to constantly release new and different beers, but in many ways, a more difficult task can be consistently releasing the same beer over and over again. Malts and especially hops are agricultural products that vary batch to batch. Yeast is a living organism, and brewing is a natural process. Even water varies in consistency. As a result, brewers are often making changes just to keep things the same.

As one of the largest global beer brands, Budweiser takes this concept to heart. Like many big brands, Bud is brewed in multiple facilities around the world, making consistency — or at least the consistency drinkers would expect out of a Budweiser — even trickier. One of the ways that Anheuser-Busch keeps their brewers on their toes is to have them compete against each other — and now, that competition is getting the feature film treatment.

Kings of Beer is set to arrive in select theaters and on demand through services like iTunes on August 2 — an 82-minute film co-produced by Budweiser that goes behind the scenes to look at this competition where “Budweiser Brewmasters from 65 breweries and 23 countries” battle it out to see “who can brew the best, most consistent American Lager over a 12-month period [and] bring home the coveted Global Brewmaster Cup.”

Kings of Beer is a special film, not only because of Budweiser’s role in America’s brewing history, but because for the first time we are able to offer audiences a seat in our tasting room for a firsthand look at our very personal and competitive process,” Pete Kraemer, Budweiser’s chief global brewmaster (who also appears in the film, said in the announcement. “We hope this film will shed light on the complexity of brewing and inspire more brewmasters to come.”

Since the flick partly produced by Budweiser, you’ll likely have moments where it skews towards advertisement territory, but at the same time, through years of talking to people at Anheuser-Busch while covering the beer industry, I’ve heard about this competition, and also been told that, yes, people within the company take it very seriously. So will Kings of Beer beat binge-watching Stranger Things? Probably not. But it could prove to be more interesting than a string of “Dilly, Dilly” commercials.