A new trip will take BrewDog ‘Equity Punks’ from Ohio to Scotland.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 17, 2019

Last year, when Scottish beer brand BrewDog announced BrewDog Airlines, billed as the “world’s first craft beer airline,” there was reason to be skeptical. One flight doth not an “airline” make — and that’s all BrewDog had on its docket: a single February trip from London to Columbus, Ohio. (BrewDog has a brewery and hotel in Columbus for anyone wondering why posh Londoners would want to be whisked away to Ohio.) Despite rumors that the branded Boeing 767 had to have its toilets closed midflight, apparently, this inaugural flight went well enough: BrewDog has announced two more roundtrip flights set to take off in October.

This time around, BrewDog will not only be repeating its journey from London to Columbus, but the “airline” will also be offering a new route taking American customers from Columbus to Edinburgh, Scotland — which is about a three-hour drive from BrewDog’s main brewery in Ellon. “Our first flight was an amazing success, and we received an outcry of interest in a flight departing from the States to visit our homeland in Scotland,” explained cofounder James Watt.

Both flights will depart on October 31. The Scotland adventure will include “five nights visiting the Ellon BrewDog headquarters and some of Scotland’s best whisky distilleries.” Across the pond, the Columbus bound trip features “a five-night stay in the Arch City where passengers can tour the American brewery, BrewDog’s new home city, Columbus, and Ohio craft breweries.”

But the literal flight is billed as the real star of the trip. “BrewDog Airlines offers passengers a completely immersive craft beer experience at 35,000 feet,” the company states. “The cabin crew has been replaced by Cicerone-trained flight attendance who will dole out samples of craft beer, including BrewDog’s specially brewed Flight Club, which has been formulated to combat the effects of high altitude on beer. BrewDog Airlines guests will also receive inflight care packages, including BrewDog eye masks and blankets.”

As was the case before, these trips are only open to people who have joined one of BrewDog’s crowdsourcing campaigns, referred to as “Equity Punks.” And if you were willing to invest your hard-earned money in BrewDog, something like this is likely up your alley: Tickets are currently available on BrewDog’s website. The packages cost about $1,780 per person or $3,362 per couple.