Hank Schrader's "Schraderbrau" has been trademarked and teased on social media.

Credit: Michael Tran / Contributor/Getty Images

It’s been over five years since the beloved television show Breaking Bad officially left the air. Yes, the series has lived on in other forms — such as the spin-off Better Call Saul — but for fans interested in one more taste of the original, they might just get it soon… in beer form.

Sony Pictures Television has filed paperwork to trademark the term “Schraderbrau” — Hank Schrader’s fictional homebrew that popped up in Breaking Bad’s second season — for use in producing a beer, according to entertainment site The Blast. Sony has also reportedly requested to use the name on glasses, bottle openers, t-shirts, and signs.

Though it’s important to note that applying for a trademark doesn’t mean a product will actually ever make it to market, in this case, it appears that production of Scraderbrau may already be rolling. On January 16, actor Dean Norris — who played the beer’s namesake on Breaking Bad — tweeted out a quick clip of him giving a thumbs up inside a brewery. “Hells yeah, smells like silky perfection... #Schraderbrau @BreakingBad_AMC #breakingdad,” the tweet stated.

Then, on February 6, he followed up by tweeting a longer video, once again inside a brewery, quipping, “Just brewin’ up some ideas if you know what I’m sayin’.” He then added the tag, “Schraderbrau — brewed to silky perfection.”

Though no date appears to be given on when and where Schraderbrau may hit shelves, keep in mind that beer typically has a turnaround time of only a couple weeks from brewing to bottling and isn’t the kind of product you want hanging around in a warehouse too long. That said, if the concept is still in the “ideas” phase, it’s possible right now they’re only working on test batches which will never make their way to a proper release.

Either way, last year, Sony sued to keep a brewery from making an unofficial Breaking Bad-themed beer, so clearly this is a space the studio has its eye on. It all seems to add up to the very strong possibility that Schraderbrau will be available outside of our television screens in the near future.