Kansas City's Boulevard Brewing and Rufus Teague collaborated to create Can-O-Que BBQ Sauce.

Can-O-Que BBQ Sauce
Credit: Courtesy of Rufus Teague

The concept sounds like a comedy sketch: Why crack open a cold, refreshing beer when you can crack open a delicious can of barbecue sauce instead? But Can-O-Que BBQ Sauce is no joke. Since 2004, Rufus Teague has been building a barbecue sauce and rub empire in an area known for its barbecue: Kansas City. Now, that includes what's being billed as a "first of its kind" product: a BBQ sauce made with beer and sold in an actual beer can.

Rufus Teague teamed up with the legendary Kansas City-based Boulevard Brewing to create Can-O-Cue using the brewery's flagship Unfiltered Wheat beer. The resulting sauce has gotten the tagline "maybe the most Kansas City thing ever," adding a touch of "lively, citrusy flavor" from the beer to create "a sweet and smoky flavor with a hint of spice, perfect for slathering on ribs, brisket or chicken."

"It took a lot of testing, but we are thrilled to be the first to develop an absolutely delicious barbecue sauce that lives in a beer can," John McCone, founder of Rufus Teague, said in the announcement. "The collaboration with Boulevard pushed this project over the top, and we have been blown away by the response."

Finding the perfect flavor wasn't Can-O-Cue's only challenge. Not everyone needs 12-ounces of barbecue sauce at a time, so Rufus Teague had to take the additional step of selling the cans with a snap-on re-closable lid to allow grillers to reseal the package for future use. Additionally, a spokesperson for the company said they had to take the extra precaution of making sure the sauce inside was nonreactive with the can's aluminum, which proved to be "a difficult task."

But these issues were tackled, and now, Can-O-Cue is here. The sauce—which is a limited-edition release created exclusively for the 2019 Kansas City Chiefs' football season—was released in the lead up to the team's first home game on Sunday. Rufus Teague suggests its "perfect for pre-game parties." You can order Can-O-Cue in three- or six-packs at www.rufusteague.com.

Just make sure that when you reach for your beer, you grab the right can.