The brewery wants Election Day to become a federal holiday.
Blue Point Voter's Day Off IPA
Credit: Courtesy of Blue Point Brewing Co.

Earlier this month, when Blue Point Brewing released Voters’ Day Off IPA—a beer created to raise awareness and proceeds to promote the idea of making Election Day a federal holiday—the New York-based brewery promised that, in the near future, they’d take a load of the brew’s signed cans directly to Congress as an eye-grabbing way to show how much support they’ve gotten for the idea. Well, that day was yesterday, with members of the Blue Point team driving a literal boatload of cans down to Washington, D.C.

Blue Point’s President Jenna Lally, who was the impetus behind the breweries campaign, along with Co-founder Mark Burford, hitched a boat to the back of a Blue Point van and parked them outside of Congress in an effort to further their awareness campaign. The boat contained about 2,500 cans, each of which had a line where drinkers could sign to pledge their support for the Voters’ Day Off campaign that believes Americans should be given time to actually vote on Election Day by making the Tuesday following the first Monday in November a federal holiday.

Blue Point's Voters Day Off IPA
Credit: Courtesy of Blue Point Brewing Co.

Though the cans are the most visually-impactful part of the campaign (and the beer is the best part of the campaign for drinking), Blue Point has also launched a petition that has currently topped over 6,500 digital signatures.

Despite these efforts, a spokesperson for the brand said that, as of now, no one from Congress has responded to the campaign. Part of the issue may be that, though Blue Point is owned by Anheuser-Busch, the brewer only released a small run of Voters’ Day Off in the lead up to the 2018 election. The beer was only available in their taproom and at a handful of New York events. However, Lally suggested the brewery had much bigger plans for the future. “We focused on our home state of New York for right now, but next year we plan to distribute widely in the Northeast with all proceeds again going to Rock the Vote,” she told us a couple weeks ago. “We plan to do this every election season until we’re successful. We won’t stop until Congress makes this change.”