Bell's Two Hearted Ale is getting a 'lo-cal IPA' iteration set for release in early 2020.

Credit: Bell's Brewery

Though New England-style IPAs have taken over the world of hoppy beer, plenty of classic IPAs have kept a reputation as beers worth revisiting. One brew regularly mentioned in that category is Two Hearted Ale from Michigan-based Bell's Brewery. For the past three years, Two Hearted has even held down the title of "Best Beer in America" according to the American Homebrewers Association. Now, after over two decades on the market, Two Hearted Ale is getting a low-calorie twist: Bell's Light Hearted Ale.

Yesterday was Bell's Two Hearted Day — an annual event honoring the original 1997 release date of the acclaimed IPA — and as part of the celebration, Bell's turned to social media with an announcement. "Light Hearted, a lo-cal IPA with many of the characteristics of its namesake, but without all the calories, will debut in early 2020," the brewery wrote on Instagram. "All malt, balanced, flavorful, hoppy and only 3.7% ABV. More to come."

As the site Beer Street Journal pointed out last week after rumors of the beer's possible release, Light Hearted Ale isn't entirely new: It's been tested as a brewery exclusive since earlier this year. (Untappd lists the first check-in as April 4.) A label dug up by BSJ says the brew is 110 calories, 8.7 carbs, and 3.5 percent ABV. However, since Bell's post list a different ABV, it's possible the other details could be different as well. Meanwhile, Bell's says that regular Two Hearted Ale is 212 calories, 17 carbs, and 7 percent ABV. (You can see why people might be interested in a version that cuts all those numbers in half.)

Regardless, craft beer takes on "light" beer have been a big trend recently. I even declared 2019 as "The Summer Light Beer Got Good." So though release details are still slim, it appears another big craft brewery is about to enter that "lo-cal IPA" arena — and under one of the biggest names in their portfolio, no less. Bell's distributes in over 40 states, so if Light Hearted Ale does get a nationwide release next year, it should be pretty easy to get your hands on.