It's Genesee Brewery’s largest tree yet.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 10, 2018
Courtesy of The Genesee Brewery

Some Christmas traditions are better than others. Your tradition of trying to talk politics with your mother-in-law after your fourth glass of Prosecco: not so good. Genesee Brewery's tradition of stacking empty beer kegs into a massive Christmas tree: significantly better.

On Friday night, for the fifth year in a row, Rochester, New York's Genesee Brewery lit its tribute to the holidays: a three-story high Christmas "tree" made out of 520 empty beer kegs covered in more than 30,000 colored lights. As you might expect, building a tree of kegs that's taller than most people's houses isn't easy. "It takes nearly a dozen Genesee Brewery workers to build the famous Genesee Keg Tree each December," the brewery explained. "This year's tree is the largest yet with 520 empty Genesee kegs standing 27 feet high. It features a huge LED light board, a rotating neon Genesee sign as its ‘star,' and a choreographed light show set to holiday music."

For those looking for tourist activities in the Rochester area, the Genesee Keg Tree isn't the only sightseeing opportunity in its vicinity. The massive tribute to beer and Christmas is located on the bank of the High Falls gorge which overlooks what the brewery bills as "the largest urban waterfall in the U.S." And if you stop into the brewery itself (which of course you'll want to do), you can also grab this year's official limited-edition Keg Tree beer: Cinnamon Cream Ale — billed as a cinnamon twist on Genesse's signature Cream Ale.

Courtesy of The Genesee Brewery

The beer will be available on draft in the brewery until supplies run out. The Keg Tree will be up until at least New Year's Day. And if you seriously are visiting Rochester for the first time, make sure to check out the local delicacy known as the "garbage plate." Just make sure only to check it out after you've drank about 520 kegs' worth of beer.