Credit: © Sergi Reboredo / Alamy

Bathing in beer might sound like a fraternity hazing technique, but at the Beer Spa in Prague it’s said to be a relaxing experience with numerous health benefits.

Pivni Lazne Spa Beer Land in the Czech Republic claims the medicinal effects of beer and its ingredients have been known since ancient times. Hops “open pores and contribute to overall vitality,” and brewer’s yeast has “a salutary effect on skin rejuvenation.”

At the very least, the royal oak tubs full of beer are kept nice and warm like at any good spa. And if that isn’t relaxing enough, each tub is adorned with a tap for all-you-can-drink beer. Though the health effects of unlimited beer are more suspect, it can certainly help melt away your troubles.

A one-hour Beer Spa treatment is just over $70, and it’s probably one of the most ridiculous spa experiences available right now. That is, until Kazakhstan opens its proposed caviar spa.