A British company is selling a shed with a built-in home-brewing system and bar space.

Over the past couple decades, the craft beer boom has turned homebrewing into a mainstream hobby with some of those amateurs even going on to start their own professional breweries. But going from hobbyist to professional is a major, not to mention costly, leap – so for those looking to take a simpler intermediate step, here’s a new product that might be up your alley: The Brewery Shed, an all-inclusive kit that turns your backyard into a brewpub for just under $5,000.

Created by the Leeds, England-based shed brand Tiger Sheds with the help of the city’s world-class brewery Northern Monk, The Brewery Shed initially just resembles your average backyard shed (albeit maybe a little taller) – the kind of thing you’d fill with garden tools, sports equipment and other junk. But upon further inspection, this shed has everything necessary to brew and serve beer: The front flips down to offer a bar-style serving window and the inside has shelving to store all your brewing equipment. Speaking of which, as part of its £3,750 price tag, this shed also comes with an all-in-one Grainfather Connect six-gallon brewing system – so you can pretty much start from scratch.

“The idea came from a trip to Northern Monk for some team drinks after work. After sampling a few of the craft brews on offer, we started to think about whether or not we’d be able to brew something to the same standard at home,” Tiger Sheds’ Kiarna Benson told The Drinks Business. “Eventually, we all arrived at the same question – would it be possible to have a brewery in a shed? The following week back at work the thought had definitely stuck so we did some research.”

Since, as a shed company, Tiger didn’t know much about beer, the brand went back to Northern Monk to see if the brewery would be interested in partnering on the project. “When we were approached by Tiger Sheds with an idea for The Brewery Shed, it’s fair to say our imaginations were sparked,” said Russell Bisset, managing director of Northern Monk Brewery. “The majority of us here at Northern Monk come from home brewing backgrounds and the idea of owning our own little brewery in our back garden would be a dream come true.”

Sadly, since Tiger Sheds is based in the UK, American consumers won’t be able to get The Brewery Shed on this side of the pond. But just because the product is billed as “the world’s first brewery shed” doesn’t mean you and a couple handy friends couldn’t convert a shed to a brewery here in the United States. Who knows, maybe you could even get the proper licensing and eventually and turn your backyard into a professional nanobrewery? You wouldn’t be the first!