Popular Texas craft distillery Firestone & Robertson will offer whiskey tastings and 18 holes on a re-imagined Fort Worth golf course.


When you think of American whiskey, the eastern half of the country probably gets most of the love. Kentucky is, of course, the land of bourbon. And Jack Daniel's made Tennessee whiskey famous. But later this year, the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company will be looking to cement Texas's spot on the whiskey map. The brand, which was founded in 2010, is planning to open "the largest whiskey distillery West of the Mississippi" in Fort Worth – on a legendary old golf course no less.

"Whiskey Ranch" as the new facility will be dubbed is described as a "112-acre whiskey-wonderland" situated, somewhat oddly enough, on the old Glen Garden Golf & Country Club, famous for being the course where golf legends Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson learned how to play the sport. In 2014, the course, which opened back in 1912, was purchased by Firestone & Robertson and shuttered. To be fair, the property had reportedly fallen into disrepair, with Golf.com pointing out that no one had even bothered with some basic upkeep like replacing letters that had fallen off the signs.

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.
Credit: Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.

Now, the former country club will likely appreciate its second lease on life, looking to appeal to whiskey and golf lovers alike. (Those who like to mix the two will probably be especially excited.) Beyond being the largest distillery in the western US, it's also being billed as "the only one on a fully functioning 18-hole golf course" which includes a complete redesign of the final 18th hole. Obviously, the 19th hole (that's golfer slang for the bar) will be very different as well. The distillery promises "multiple gathering areas throughout the venue, providing guests with an immersive distillery experience" including "the TX Tavern for mixology classes and tastings" as well as "a large event space with a wraparound porch" which overlooks that new 18th hole.

All told, Firestone & Robertson – which has enamored itself to Texans by working entirely with Texas ingredients (including a cultivating a wild yeast strain from a pecan tree in Glen Rose) – suggests that hopefully the new massive location will not only serve as a way to promote its products like TX Whiskey and TX Straight Bourbon, but to also to "put North Texas on the map as a tourist destination." Let's be honest, if you can't get people to visit you with golf and whiskey, you're pretty much out of luck.