Bottom Sniffer is the latest in a pup brew trend.

By Carson Demmond
Updated May 24, 2017
Dog Beer
Credit: © Holly Hildreth / Getty Images

Does your dog experience pangs of jealousy when he sees you enjoying your favorite craft brew? Bottom Sniffer, a beer for dogs that just launched in the UK, seeks to put that concern to rest.

The serving suggestion is 1 bottle per day, “as a drink, over food, in their favorite bowl or on a beer mat,” states its creators, Woof & Brew, on their new website. They add, as anyone who’s gone toe to toe with someone twice their size knows all too well, “you may wish to slightly alter this if you have a Great Dane or a Pomeranian”.

The pup brew contains no alcohol. Rather, it’s concocted from non-fermented beer wort with natural chicken flavoring, bladderwrack extract, and herbs like burdock and dandelion, so it’s nutritious in addition to being a perfectly safe libation. Whether it’s entitled to be called beer is up for debate, since even non-alcoholic versions of the human beverage by definition have gone through fermentation (the alcohol is then removed by decreasing pressure to induce boiling at room temperature).

Bottom Sniffer is not the first brew created with canines in mind. Last summer, Indianapolis-based Flat12 Bierwerks launched Flat12 Paws – made from meat trimmings, veggies, and brewer’s yeast. And in 2013, Oregon’s Boneyard Brewery put out a bottled, non-alcoholic “Dawg Grog” after a tasting room employee saw how much his dog enjoyed the taste of beer.