Soy is popularly used as an ingredient for meat and dairy substitutes, such as tofu and tempeh. Because soybeans can be used in so many different ways, we have dozens of recipes—everything from dips and dressings to creamy desserts. If you enjoy the taste of tofu, try a recipe like these tofu steaks—tofu gets coated in panko, and then pan-fried until it's crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. If you're easing your way into soy-based products, start with something mild, like veggie burgers from vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli. The patties are made from lentils, rice and walnuts, but the "special sauce" is made with soft tofu instead of mayonnaise. Whether you're looking to accommodate a special diet or just want to try something different, F&W's guide to soy has all of the recipes you need.

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Korean Barbecued Tofu
Chicago chef Bill Kim created this recipe for his cookbook, Korean BBQ, to show how well tofu takes on flavors when marinated and grilled. He uses his Korean BBQ Sauce as a marinade, adding a jolt of spice with sambal oelek and light fruit flavors with kiwi and Asian pear. The Blackening Seasoning used to season the tofu before it is grilled balances chili powder with sweet paprika. Save any leftover Blackening Seasoning and BBQ Sauce to use on grilled tofu or meat.
These are the Types of Tofu Should You Use: A Beginner's Guide
Crispy, chewy, stretchy, squeaky, crumbly, spongy, and silky, tofu is the ultimate shape-shifter.
Tofu Skin Stir-Fry
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When it's dried, tofu skin (doufu pi in Mandarin, yuba in Japanese) becomes earthy and chewy. It's sold in many shapes and is hardy enough to withstand braises, bold sauces, and stir-fries, mimicking the texture of shredded meat. In this recipe, dried tofu skin sticks are broken into pieces, rehydrated until pliable, and then stir-fried and with an umami-rich chile oil and soy sauce.
The Food & Wine Guide to Tofu
Tofu is a nutritious, versatile ingredient with a long, rich culinary history. Whether or not you're familiar with cooking with tofu, we've got plenty of ways to explore its possibilities.
The Case for Buying a Tofu Press
I turned from skeptic into believer after trying out four different presses.
How to Bake Tofu, Step by Step
Andrea Nguyen shares how to transform super-firm tofu into baked slices perfect for sandwiches, salads, and more.

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How to Deep-Fry Tofu (and Pan-Fry It, Too)
Follow these tips from cookbook author Andrea Nguyen, and golden, crisp-chewy tofu is just a few steps away.
How to Freeze Tofu
Not only can you freeze tofu, you should.
Vegan Tofu Biryani
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Made with fragrant basmati rice and aromatic spices, this healthful vegan tofu biryani smells as good as it tastes.