Lima Bean

Lima beans, also called butter beans, are high in fiber, protein and folate. They can be turned into a creamy hummus, pureed into flavorful herb butter or covered with cheese and breadcrumbs and baked into a gratin. One of our favorite ways to use lima beans is to make a succotash full of these buttery beans, fresh corn and sweet bell peppers. This mixture gets spooned into hollowed-out, roasted tomatoes—hearty enough for a vegetarian main course. Whether you're a lima bean expert or need a little guidance, F&W has recipes for everything from hearty shrimp stew to a grilled swordfish supper.

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Summer Bean Salad with Potlikker Vinaigrette
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Potlikker, as it’s called in the South, is the savory, starchy liquid left over after cooking beans or greens. Here, chef Joe Kindred whisks the über-flavorful liquid into a vinaigrette, but you can also use it in soups and pasta sauces, or thicken it with butter and drizzle over fish. Slideshow: More Bean Salad Recipes 
Lima Beans
Food & Wine's Justin Chapple believes lima beans deserve a place on every table, and we couldn't agree more. Explore their possibilities with appetizers like lima bean and ricotta crostini, lima bean hummus, lima bean puree with olives and shaved pecorino and more. Plus, we've got options for main dishes, including grilled swordfish with lima-bean-and-herb butter.
Lima Bean and Sweet Pepper Gratin
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"This butter bean gratin is based on an amazing flageolet bean gratin that one of my mentors, Frank Stitt, makes. His recipe was originally inspired by one from Richard Olney," says Hugh Acheson. ("Butter bean" is a common Southern term for limas.) "It's an ode to the marriage of Southern vegetables and French know-how." More Gratin Recipes
Giant Lima Beans with Stewed Tomatoes and Oregano Pesto
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Tangy feta cheese, a bright herbal pesto and a crisp bread crumb topping all elevate this tomato-bean stew. It's sensational made with meaty Rancho Gordo giant limas from Peru, silky gigantes or large limas from the grocery store. Slideshow:  More Delicious Bean Recipes