Fresh Green Bean Recipes

With fresh green beans you can make a refreshing salad for lunch, a savory side dish, or even a satisfying entreé. Try out all the different ways you can enjoy this vegetable with these multi-dimensional recipes.

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Green Bean Slaw

Green Bean Slaw

In this salad, tender haricots verts get tossed with crunchy strips of carrot, red pepper and parsnip. When TV personality Rachael Ray (who is originally from upstate New York) visited the Beekman farm, Lee Woolver made a version of this salad with bacon, but it's just as delicious without.

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Green Beans with Cremini Mushroom Sauce


This simple and savory side dish is perfect for any dinner table.

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Green Bean-and-Blood Orange Salad

Green Bean–-and–-Blood Orange Salad

"Blood oranges are part of my Sicily fascination," Renato Poliafito says. He uses the segments to add color and tang to green beans and reduces the juice with balsamic vinegar to make the dressing.

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Green Beans Two Ways


Instead of just steaming or boiling green beans, Katie Workman first sautés them in butter and garlic, then simmers them in chicken broth. For adults, she adds fresh herbs and citrus—both zest and juice—giving the beans a fresh, vibrant flavor.

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Green Bean Casserole with Goat Cheese, Almonds and Smoked Paprika

Green Bean Casserole with Goat Cheese, Almonds and Smoked Paprika

Inspired by classic green bean casseroles from his childhood, F&W's Justin Chapple put a Spanish spin on this timeless favorite by topping the creamy beans with smoky pimentón de la Vera and toasted almonds.

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Green Bean-and-Tomato Salad with Tarragon Dressing

Green Bean-and-Tomato Salad with Tarragon Dressing
John Kernick

This supersimple bean-and-tomato salad, tossed with a tarragon-flavored dressing, is perfect for summertime picnics, like the kind Paul Virant's mother would prepare when he was a child. "She would make tomato salad, potato salad and fried chicken the night before, so we'd have everything ready the next day," he says.

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Green Bean Casserole with Red Curry and Peanuts

Green Bean Casserole with Red Curry and Peanuts

Store-bought red curry paste and coconut milk put a Thai spin on this green-bean-and-mushroom holiday classic. For a vegetarian main dish, simply stir in cubes of tofu.

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Farro and Green Bean Salad

Farro and Green Bean Salad
© John Kernick

The Good News "The first time I tasted farro, it changed my life," says Melissa Kelly about the ancient grain that's rich in fiber, complex carbohydrates and magnesium. She's particularly fond of the nutty, chewy farro from Anson Mills, a Charleston-based company that's nationally famous for its grits (

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Green Beans with Eggs, Chiles and Cilantro


This Georgian dish, called lobio (bean dish), is typically served cool, but with its buttery scrambled eggs and tender green beans, it's equally delicious hot. It's great as part of a family-style menu and also makes an unusually tasty, light main course.

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Warm Green Beans and Lettuce in Anchovy Butter


Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley serve their skillet-tossed lettuce and green bean salad warm, topped with a buttery, tangy anchovy dressing. “I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” says Melissa. “When vegetables are served this way, there’s no way to feel like, ‘Oh, greens, I have to eat them.’ ”

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Green Beans with Parsley-Lemon Pesto


This reimagined pesto, made with parsley instead of basil, is fast, fresh and delicious.

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Spicy Green Bean and Tofu Stir-Fry with Ground Bison

Spicy Green Bean and Tofu Stir-Fry with Ground Bison
© Quentin Bacon

Many cultures use meat as a flavoring instead of as the main ingredient. Here, ground bison adds substance and richness to the tofu and green beans in a chile sauce–spiked stir-fry. For the most sustainable and humane option, buy grass-finished bison.

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Green Bean-Tomato Salad with Herbs

Salade Niçoise is one of the great summer dishes of Southern France. It's the centerpiece of a party that's all about sunny Mediterranean style, from the wine to the plates to the tea towels.

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