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If you're looking for a bean with stellar amounts of antioxidants, green beans are a perfect match. They are a great source of vitamin A and antioxidants, such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and betacarotenes, which neutralize harmful free radicals. These healthy, edible pods are a popular legume that are featured in an array of dishes such as casseroles and stir frys. They are perfect for side dishes as well and pair well with savory roasts. Read through Food & Wine's guide for delectable ideas and inspiration!

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Dry-Fried Sichuan-Style Green Beans with Shrimp
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Instead of leaning on a sauce, “dry” stir-fries like this recipe use a small amount of liquid (in this case, fish sauce), relying on heat and movement in the wok to intensify each ingredient’s flavors. To ensure that the beans blister, dry them thoroughly with a kitchen towel before cooking. Pickled sushi ginger adds mild, well-balanced sweetness and a hint of spice.
Caramelized Coconut Green Beans
Instead of dried flaked or shredded coconut, chef Biju Thomas uses meaty fresh coconut in this vegetable dish. You can find the fresh chunks in some well-stocked produce sections, or buy the frozen unsweetened variety at Trader Joe’s or a natural food store. Fried mustard seeds, coriander, and chiles light up the dish with color and texture.Slideshow: More Green Bean Recipes
Green Beans with Preserved Lemon
At Thanksgiving, F&W’s Justin Chapple serves these green beans because they can be made the day before and served either chilled or at room temperature. Justin prefers to make this recipe using homemade preserved lemons but you can easily find them at most grocery stores. Slideshow: More Green Bean Recipes 
Green and Wax Bean Salad
During the summer, Ava Genes’s chef Joshua McFadden makes this simple, colorful salad constantly. He also changes it up often: You can grill the beans for a little smoke or toss in some pickled ones, mix up the type of olive you use or add a medley of different basils from the market (Thai, opal, lemon or Italian). The possibilities are endless. Slideshow: More Green Bean Recipes 
Charred Coconut Green Beans
To get that perfect char on these incredibly flavorful and fresh-tasting green beans from San Francisco chef Rupam Bhagat, make sure they are thoroughly dried before added to the hot skillet. Slideshow: More Green Bean Recipes 
Green Bean Salad
These light and fresh green bean salads are the perfect summer side dish. Try these recipes including cannellini-and-green bean salad, curried cauliflower and green bean salad with lemon yogurt and summer bulgur and green bean salad.

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Fresh Green Bean Recipes
With fresh green beans you can make a refreshing salad for lunch, a savory side dish, or even a satisfying entreé. Try out all the different ways you can enjoy this vegetable with these multi-dimensional recipes.
Green Beans
These incredible recipes for crisp green beans include a vibrant slaw, creamy casserole and more.
Green Bean Slaw
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In this salad, tender haricots verts get tossed with crunchy strips of carrot, red pepper and parsnip. When TV personality Rachael Ray (who is originally from upstate New York) visited the Beekman farm, Lee Woolver made a version of this salad with bacon, but it's just as delicious without. Green Bean Recipes