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The sweet and creamy black bean, popular in Mexico and South America, is one of nature's best foods. The popular legume is noted for its high fiber and protein, which makes it a staple in many vegetarian diets. Recent studies have shown that that this wonder bean helps support digestive tract health, particularly in the colon. With plenty of wonderful and nutritious recipes to chose from, you can easily whip up these miracle beans in no time!

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Cuban-Style Black Beans
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"I would love to have your mom's cooking at my birthday," my partner, Rob, said to me last fall. He always loved certain dishes that she made, especially her beans and rice. My mother had passed away earlier that year, in June. This would be the first time cooking her recipes without her.I grew up in Cuba with my mom's cooking. Later, when we lived in the U.S., we would cook together whenever she visited from Florida. But neither of us wrote anything down. Nevertheless, I took the challenge on.There was a freshness in my mom's cooking. It was homely and not overly fussy. Her black beans are a perfect example. They begin by simply cooking dried black beans with onion, green pepper, and bay leaf in a pressure cooker, which makes quick work of dried beans, infusing them with flavor while turning them very tender and soft. She would then make sofrito: garlic, onions, and green pepper gently cooked for a long time in olive oil. She would add the sofrito to the beans, which enriched the cooking liquid and gave them a mellow flavor that didn't hit you over the head and really went well with everything else she served them with—the toasted rice, the sweet fried plantains, the boiled yuca, and the tender shredded beef of the ropa vieja. She served an achingly sweet caramel flan for dessert. And for me, all of these things together made the perfect meal.And so I did cook my mother's recipes for 30 people on Rob's birthday. I've made a career out of being a professional food photographer, and when I was making her recipes, there was a moment when I thought, Let me add the yellow and red peppers instead of the green, for color. But you know what? That's not the food that I remember. I started embracing the brown colors and tones and the earthy richness of each element. I wanted the beans to look and taste as they did when I grew up eating them. And so they did, and the meal was a huge success and a perfect tribute to her.I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I still do. A pressure cooker speeds everything up, but is not essential. If you use a regular heavy pot, soak the beans overnight, then simmer until nearly tender before adding the onion and pepper mixture.
Vegetarian Black Bean Chili with Ancho and Orange
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This vegetarian chili from TV chef Ellie Krieger starts with canned black beans, so it’s easy to make. A hit of fresh orange adds a warm, sweet note to the rich spices. Slideshow:  More Vegetarian Recipes 
Gallo Pinto (Black Beans & Rice)
“In Nicaragua, gallo pinto is the great social equalizer,” Cordúa says. “It’s part of almost every meal, whether you are rich, poor, white, black or native.” He serves this black beans and rice dish to his family for breakfast or a late-night snack, adding crispy bits of fried onions. Slideshow: More Bean RecipesRecipe from Food & Wine Best New Chefs All-Star Cookbook 
Herbed Mixed Bean Salad with Peppers
This recipe celebrates the food of Toulouse, where Jean-Christophe Royer studied economics. During the summer, hearty local bean dishes, like cassoulet, give way to lighter recipes, like this salad.Plus: More Vegetable Recipes and Tips
Cuban Black Beans
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According to Alex Garcia, chef-owner of Erizo Latino restaurant in New York City, there are two secrets to true Cuban black beans: preparing them without meat and allowing them to "sleep" over night to develop flavor. This recipe comes from Garcia's grandmother. The finished beans can be seasoned to taste with sugar and vinegar. Satisfying Vegetarian Recipes
Black-Bean and Yellow-Rice Salad
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While perfectly delicious as is, this festive bean-and-rice salad also lends itself to endless variation. Replace the tomatoes with diced avocado; switch the bell pepper from green to red; stir in chopped scallion, red onion, cilantro—whatever suits your taste or whatever you have around. Slideshow:  Black Beans 

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Black Bean Burgers
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Most veggie burgers are a pale imitation of the all-beef original, but even with ordinary black beans in place of Rancho Gordo Midnight beans, these robust patties with roasted red pepper spread are moist and delicious. The spread doubles as a fantastic dipping sauce for French fries. More Bean Recipes