Beans + Legumes

According to chef Dan Barber, "Everyone should be eating more beans." They also help create nutrient-rich soil by storing nitrogen in their roots. "Peas and peanuts perform this neat trick as well," he adds. And if the environmental impact isn't enough to sway you, beans and legumes are downright delicious, too. F&W's guide gives you tips for preparing all the different varieties, from canned to dry, and offers plenty of enticing recipes.
Lemony Chickpea Bruschetta
Lemony Chickpea Bruschetta
2 hrs 30 mins
Mixed-Bean Crudités with Olive-Anchovy Aioli. Photo © Con Poulos
Mixed-Bean Crudités with Olive-Anchovy Aioli
1 hrs
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Grace Parisi's Feijoada
2 hrs 20 mins