This Bestselling French Press Makes Coffee Without a Hint of Bitterness, and It’s Only $19 Right Now

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BAYKA French Press Coffee Maker Tout

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For people who love coffee, and appreciate its many different flavors and varieties, a French press coffee maker is an essential tool. A French press looks sleek and stylish, but the trade off is that it takes a bit longer to extract a cup of coffee than a drip coffee machine. But most coffee enthusiasts agree that the extra wait is worth it because of the bold, full-bodied coffee it can create. 

One of the best looking and most affordable models is the Bakya French Press. Not only is it an Amazon bestseller, but it has more than 5,700 perfect ratings. And right now you can grab one of your own for just $19.

Bayka French Press Coffee Maker
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To buy: Bayka French Press Coffee Maker, $19 with coupon (originally $33) at

The Bayka French Press is made from borosilicate glass, which can withstand high temperatures, and features copper design details. It’s lightweight at just 2 pounds, and measures 9.8- by 6.5- by 5.63-inches, so it will take up much less space than a standard coffee maker.  And yet, despite its small size, it has a big capacity of  34-ounces, equal to about four cups of coffee. 

The standout feature of this French press is its four-level filtration system which prevents loose coffee grounds from leaking into your cup. The result is a smooth cup of coffee that one shopper called “sludge-free.” 

It also comes with its own measurement scoop, which can be used to add your preferred coffee grounds into the French press. Just pour hot water over the grounds (a gooseneck kettle is the preferred tool for this job) and let the coffee brew for at least five minutes. Extended steeping results in a richer tasting coffee. Press, and enjoy. 

It’s also easy to disassemble so that each piece can be thoroughly cleaned. The glass carafe should be rinsed with water and soap, while the plunger and filter are dishwasher-safe.

More than 5,700 Amazon shoppers praise this French Press because it makes better tasting coffee more accessible. One shopper wrote that with this French Press, “cleanup is extremely easy,” and that the resulting cup of coffee is “smoother with no bitterness at all.” 

Another shopper who used a single-cup machine switched to this French Press because they wanted more robust coffee. They wrote that they love the Bayka because its “sleek looking,” and “low maintenance.” But, “the best part is how the coffee tastes,” they wrote. According to them, “It is very fresh and aromatic.”

If you want to make an elegant French press part of your morning coffee routine, you need to try this Bayka model. At just $19, it’s one of the least expensive options out there — but this sale won’t last forever. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $19. 

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