I Think I've Found the Perfect Mugs for My Mom's Famous Moscow Mules, and They're on Sale

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B. WEISS Moscow Mule Mugs Set Tout

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My mom’s favorite cocktail is a Moscow mule. Not only does she order the America-born concoction often, but it’s also one of the few drinks you can count on seeing her make and serving up at home. 

And, though my mom has a few mugs already, I have to add to her collection. This affordable set from Amazon caught my eye because shoppers rave about the well-designed and high-quality.  And if Mother’s Day wasn’t a good enough excuse to buy some, how’s this? Right now, they’re also 33% off

B. WEISS Moscow Mule Mugs Set


To buy: B. Weiss 4-Piece Copper Mule Mugs Set, $40 (originally $60) at amazon.com

My mom loves the bubbly, gingery, and citrusy drink for its tang, along with the fact that it’s served in mugs that add to the experience two-fold. Not only do these look effortlessly cool, but these copper mugs are also supposed to help keep them chilled, since the material is conductive and can adapt to cold temperatures easily. 

This set includes four perfectly-dimpled mugs, all made with 100% copper, and they’re hand-hammered to get the design just right. I love that the handles are delicate looking but sturdy as well.  

Each mug holds 16-ounces, which is the perfect size to hold a cocktail with ice. Another perk of this set is that you don’t just get mugs. Included are four straws for sipping and stirring, a copper shot glass, a copper mixing spoon, and some coasters, which my mom doesn’t have. I think these will give the entire experience an elevated feeling, especially when my mom plans to make some for guests. 

With over 1,600 perfect ratings, Amazon shoppers keep calling out how high-quality these are. “Well worth it to spend a little more to have a real copper mug versus a stainless plated mug,” one person wrote in their review

“Beautiful set, great price point, and fun accouterments. Keeps drinks much colder, for much longer and is infinitely more fun to drink your mule from than any other vessel,” a second user noted

Others call out its thoughtful design, too, with one shopper writing that it works better than advertised. “I like the handle shape better than others, it's very comfortable to hold. The jigger, straws, spoon and wood coasters are a total bonus! If you're looking for a gift, this set is it,” they added. 

I can’t wait to sip on some of my mom’s ever-refreshing mules from one of these mugs. And, with warm weather finally popping in and out, now’s the perfect time to get them yourself (or your mom). Shop the on-sale mugs on Amazon now

At the time of publishing, the price was $40. 

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