Photo of Zoe Adjonyoh
Photo of Zoe Adjonyoh

Zoe Adjonyoh

Zoe Adjonyoh is a chef, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, activist, author, and founder of Zoe's Ghana Kitchen. She has been pioneering modern West African food across hospitality platforms, food writing, and food media since 2010.
Whether you savor it over banana leaves in a chop bar in Accra or at home in your own kitchen, waakye is an infinitely layered feast.
Accra, 2013, 6 a.m.: The scrawny Rooster strangles his voice and my sleep with his fuss. Mercy's broom has already begun switching away last night's dreams. I hear my uncle scurrying out the screen door headed for the waakye stall across the street on the corner of Palace Street, North Kaneshie—his first breakfast beckons. Waayke (pronounced WAH-chay). The ludicrously extravagant breakfast that is sold on street corners in a plastic bag or wrapped in a plantain leaf puts any UK street food and even some brunch menus to shame.
Oto (Mashed Yam Patties)
Rating: Unrated
Puna yam (not to be confused with sweet potato) is the star of this Ghanaian dish often served on wedding days. Puna yams are starchy; it’s essential to avoid overcooking them in order to make shaping the patties easier. Their unique texture and flavor make them worth seeking out for this recipe; see sourcing info below.