Zakary Pelaccio

Chicories like escarole, frisee, endive and radicchio can be bitter, but balanced with chile oil, salt, white wine vinegar and garlic, they become a satisfying side dish for an early spring dinner.
Break down this recipe into make-ahead steps to yield an easy weeknight meal. Make the marinade on Sunday; add the chicken before you head to work on Monday morning. The wine and anchovies in this recipe form a mellow sauce; make sure you have plenty of bread on hand to sop up all the juices.
This thick, creamy, custard-like dessert from chef Zakary Pelaccio is topped with sweet strawberries and a tangy maple-vinegar drizzle.
Grilled Garlic and Vegetables
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To amp up grilled vegetables, chef Zakary Pelaccio serves them with tender grilled garlic, fresh basil and a drizzle of red wine vinegar. Slideshow: More Garlic Recipes