Yasmin Khan

A blend of spinach, cilantro, and arugula anchors this delicate, vegetal soup from Yasmin Khan, author of Zaitoun. Warming spices like nutmeg, allspice, and turmeric amplify the verdant flavors of the greens; a single potato adds light, silky texture; and a drizzle of olive oil and dollop of yogurt enrich the soup without weighing it down. Great soups are all about balance, and this one nails it. Seek out spicier, mature arugula at the store or farm stand, and break out a homemade batch of broth from the freezer (or use your favorite store-bought brand).
Persian Love Cake
Rating: Unrated
“This enchanting cake reminds me of a Persian garden in the late spring, adorned with the floral scent of rose water and citrus, and decorated with bright green pistachios,” says cookbook author and blogger Yasmin Khan. “If it is not devoured in one sitting, the oil in the ground almond base ensures a moist, densely textured cake that will keep well for a couple of days, covered in foil. A sprinkling of dried rose petals looks ever so pretty for special occasions, but don’t worry if you can’t get hold of any. It’s still a cake to win hearts.” Slideshow: More Cake Recipes