Veronica Meewes

If it has to do with meat, this Australian-born Texas-based author, speaker and Jane of all trades has a hand in it.
Barbecue may be known as a boys’ club, but women across the country have been quietly taking the scene to new heights for decades. Look no further than the Lone Star State for an incredible group of women leading the barbecue scene. Even more impressive is how many of these star pit masters have multiple jobs—from photographer to custodian, they’re not just manning the smokers, they’re doing it all. As Kim Dunn, the Korean-born owner and sole employee of Pit Stop Bar-B-Q in Temple, Texas, puts it: “We are multi-talented. I don't care how you look at it. I can have a baby and clean house and go work like a man does and come home and take care of the family, too. Think about it—we are multi-talented, women are.”