Tia Harrison

Butcher-chef Tia Harrison finds making stew a versatile way to use cuts like pork shoulder, shanks and belly. Here she cooks the stew with pleasantly bitter ancho chiles. Plus:  More Terrific Pork Recipes & Tips 
Humanely raised veal is becoming more widely available at top butcher shops. Butcher-chef Tia Harrison recommends choosing veal shoulder or rump roast, which are more economical than other cuts of veal but still delicious. Harrison likes to braise them; here, canned fire-roasted tomatoes give the dish a smoky flavor. More Veal Recipes
Lamb loin chops are sometimes overshadowed by rib chops or a rack of lamb but they can be extremely tender and flavorful. Tia Harrison of Avedano's butcher shop in San Francisco rubs them with lavender and orange zest and serves them with a perfect fall salad of bitter greens tossed with roasted hazelnuts and crunchy, fruity pomegranate seeds. This aromatic rub would also be terrific on a butterflied leg of lamb—great for dinner parties. More Amazing Lamb Recipes