Tara Stevens

Tara Stevens bakes berries into this exceptionally nutty cake to add sweetness. Slideshow:  More Almond Recipes 
Moroccans often serve spice-rubbed whole lamb that's been cooked for hours on a spit at major celebrations. Cooking teacher Tara Stevens created this simplified version by rubbing lamb shoulder with garlicky cumin butter, then roasting. Slideshow:  More Lamb Recipes 
Sweet-Spiced Pickles
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Cooking teacher Tara Stevens got the idea for this recipe after a trip to Relae, in Copenhagen, where chef Christian Puglisi served pickled carrots with Champagne. Stevens serves her pickles with everything from split pea soup to roast lamb. Slideshow:  More Pickled Vegetable Recipes 
This outstanding dish, inspired by a recipe from an organic farmer in Fez, Morocco, is especially flavorful because the bird is rubbed with tea before it’s stewed and then roasted. Slideshow:  More Moroccan Recipes 
“Traditional Moroccan dishes can be quite heavy; I'm always looking for ways to make them lighter and brighter,” says cooking school teacher Tara Stevens. She tosses her beet salad with lettuce and tangy feta-yogurt dressing, and adds lots of fresh herbs. Slideshow:  More Beet Recipes