Photo of Suzanne Tracht
Photo of Suzanne Tracht

Suzanne Tracht

Suzanne Tracht is a driving force in the Los Angeles culinary scene as the chef/owner of Jar, a modern chophouse revered for its timeless setting, exceptional steaks, braises, and seasonal sides — including Suzanne's sumptuous pot roast.

Expertise: Braising & Grilling

Experience: Suzanne Tracht is highly respected among her peers for the purity of her cooking, especially her signature braises. She was named a "Best New Chef" by Food & Wine in 2002 for her achievement at Jar, which continues to garner widespread praise in the years since its opening. Dubbed the "Queen of Meat" by locals and critics alike, Suzanne is at the forefront of female chefs and restaurateurs in a classically male-dominated industry. She was an honoree at the 2009 Women in Food James Beard Foundation Awards gala in New York. Her food has been twice showcased on the Food Network's "Best Thing I Ever Ate", and she was featured on Bravo's first season of "Top Chef Masters".
At her modern chophouse, Jar, in Los Angeles, 2002 BNC Suzanne Tracht’s menu changes with the seasons. To celebrate summer, she says, “this juicy, sweet combo of Gorgonzola and beef alongside fresh heirloom tomatoes is how I kick off the outdoor months.” A two-rib prime rib eye mini-roast makes it easy to light up the grill. Tracht offers good reason to source your steak from a trusted butcher: “You want your guests passing around the bones at the end.” Serve the grilled beef with Sweet Gorgonzola Butter and Heirloom Tomato Salad with Pickled Ramp Vinaigrette.
Sweet Gorgonzola Butter
Rating: Unrated
Chef Suzanne Tracht makes this rich, indulgent compound butter with Gorgonzola dolce, the milder, sweeter, less acidic form of Gorgonzola piccante. Letting the mixture firm up in the fridge allows you to cut clean rounds; it’s the perfect accompaniment for Tracht’s prime rib eye.
This simple salad is all about perfect, in-season produce like onion-y ramps and juicy heirloom tomatoes. It sits well and makes a great potluck or barbecue side salad.
The tomato and green mango salad adds a touch of freshness to this veal chops recipe.
For chef Suzanne Tracht's noodle dish here, we use marinated pork in place of Chinese sausage. More Chinese Recipes