Sue Torres

Tres leches—"three milks" in Spanish—is an immensely popular dessert throughout Latin America. The sweet (dulce) cream-soaked cake is one of Sue Torres' favorite ways to end a Mexican meal. Although the cake can be served right away, she says it's even better the next day. "Just be careful to cover it well," she says. "The cake will absorb any odors in your refrigerator." The rich, cinnamon-flavored dulce de leche is worth the effort, but packaged dulce de leche can be substituted. Slideshow:  More Cake Recipes 
This silky soup gets its smoky sweetness from pureed chipotle peppers, a Mexican staple, and the surprising addition of apples. "This is real comfort food for me," Sue Torres says. "I love that it's creamy without containing any cream." More Soup Recipes
Sue Torres takes her tacos seriously—the taqueria inside Los Dados employs an abuelita ("grandma") who hand-presses the tortillas—but she wants her guests to enjoy eating them. "I like offering lots of options, so everyone can play with different flavor combinations," she says. The sweet Coca-Cola–and–tamarind marinade Torres uses to tenderize and flavor skirt steaks was a discovery she made while traveling through Oaxaca. "Mexicans love Coke. They'd offer it to me at breakfast," she says. More Taco Recipes
Spicy Tomato Sauce
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