Stefano Callegari

Trapizzino, the ultimate Roman street food, is a cross between a slice of pizza and a panini. The portable food (imagine a thick piece of focaccia stuffed with a saucy filling) requires a very hot oven to get the airy pizza Bianca. This version from chef Stefano Callegari can easily be made at home. Bake off your pizza Bianca and eat with his tangy chicken cacciatore folded up inside. Slideshow: More Pizza Recipes 
Cacio e Pepe Pizza
Rating: Unrated
At Sbanco restaurant in Rome, chef Stefano Callegari takes his time making this perfect pizza dough, topping it with the flavors of cacio e pepe pasta. He's also devised a clever trick: putting a bit of crushed ice on the dough as it goes into the hot oven to keep the center moist and tender while the bottom and edge become crisp and crackling. It's worth noting that this recipe is largely about the dough—the topping, while delicious, is relatively scant. Slideshow:  More Pizza Recipes