Slade Rushing

Seafood Gumbo
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This gumbo is rich and toasty thanks to the dark roux. It’s wonderful with oysters, shrimp and crab, but New Orleans chef Slade Rushing of Brennan’s says you can substitute what’s good in your area: clams, for instance, or even chicken. Filé powder is traditional in gumbo (you can find it at It’s made from ground sassafras leaves and adds an earthy, vegetal flavor. Slideshow:  More Cajun and Creole Recipes 
This hors d'oeuvre is a Louisiana riff on traditional French chicken liver pâté. The Rushings create a silken mousse with livers from the quintessential American bird, turkey, but you can also use chicken livers. Instead of cornichons, the little French pickles, the Rushings add a sweet-and-tangy Southern accent—pickled shallots. Fast Hors d'Oeuvres
Most Thanksgivings include pumpkin in some guise. The Rushings' version is a pumpkin soup topped with lobster bathed in a spicy butter. The natural brininess of the lobster helps bring out all the deep, earthy flavor in the soup. Warming Soup Recipes
Cooking a deep-fried a turkey for Thanksgiving isn't as hard as it sounds (though it does require caution). And there's a great payoff: an exquisitely moist, crispy turkey. You can use different kinds of equipment: a stockpot, an electric fryer, a pot-and-propane setup, or a deep-fryer. The best deep fryers come with a thermostat and a metal basket for lowering the turkey into the hot oil and removing it once it's done. Whatever equipment you use, the procedure is the same: Heat the oil—it can take up to an hour—then slowly lower the turkey into it. A 12-pound turkey cooks in just 36 minutes following the timing of 3 minutes of frying per pound or turkey.  Related: More Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes
Crème Fraîche Biscuits
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When they're not adding a Southern ingredient to a French recipe, chefs Allison Vines-Rushing and Slade Rushing are adding a French ingredient to a Southern recipe. Here, crème fraîche takes the place of buttermilk in these extremely fluffy biscuits. Delicious, Quick Side Dishes
Creamed Collard Greens
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This is the Rushings' Southern interpretation of French creamed spinach. The collards add a pleasant bitterness to this lush side dish, but it's important to shred them finely before you simmer them in the cream or they'll never get tender.Plus: Ultimate Thanksgiving GuidePlus: More Vegetable Recipes and Tips