Sherry Yard

Combining cooked egg noodles with smoky pimentón and eggs creates a delicious dish that's a playful combination of noodle kugel and Spanish tortillaSlideshow:  More Frittata Recipes 
Pastry chef Sherry Yard makes her rustic, superflaky tartlets with the sweetest nectarines she can find.Plus: More Dessert Recipes and Tips
Sherry Yard, the pastry chef at Spago in Beverly Hills, California, loved strawberry shortcake as a kid, even though her mother made it with "plain old pound cake," she says. Since then, Yard has improved the recipe with a (formerly) secret trio of ingredients—high-quality white chocolate in the batter, crème fraîche and heavy cream in the icing—which make this all-American dessert especially rich and moist.Plus: More Shortcake Recipes
Iced Mint Aguas Frescas
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Aguas frescas are traditional Mexican drinks made with ice water, sugar and fruit. Spago pastry chef Sherry Yard takes some liberties with her particularly refreshing version, adding fresh mint and ginger along with some lemon juice and honey. Her aguas frescas are also terrific with a shot of rum or vodka. Cocktail Party Recipes