Shelley Lindgren

Shelley Lindgren loves this succulent roast chicken for weeknight suppers because it’s super simple and because it goes beautifully with so many different kinds of wine. Plus:  Chicken Recipes 
"Sometimes, on Mondays, when servers at A16 are announcing the specials, you can almost feel the excitement at the table when the waiters say, 'And of course, since it's Monday...we have meatballs,'" says Shelley Lindgren. Nate Appleman occasionally uses ground lamb, beef or veal, but these tender golf ball-size pork meatballs, which he bakes in a hearty tomato sauce, are the restaurant's classic version. More Classic Italian Recipes
Lemony Asparagus Soup
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Though Shelley Lindgren hasn't cooked professionally—her 20 years of restaurant experience have been front-of-the-house—she has picked up several recipes from hanging out in the kitchens of places where she's worked. This silky, citrus-spiked soup, which can be served warm or chilled, is adapted from a dish from Acquerello, an elegant San Francisco restaurant where Shelley learned the basics of Italian cooking and wine. More Asparagus Recipes
"Trust me," says A16's chef Nate Appleman about this unorthodox recipe. He quickly grills whole fava beans, tosses them with a crushed red pepper dressing and serves them hot. They can be eaten whole—the tender pods develop a lovely charred flavor on the grill—but it's also easy to eat them in the traditional way by popping the beans out of their pods and outer skins.
This light pasta in a bright, lemon-flavored leek sauce is adapted from a recipe by Jessica Lasky, an instructor at San Francisco's Tante Marie's Cooking School (where Shelley Lindgren also teaches). Shelley serves the fusilli family-style as an accompaniment to seared salmon fillets or roasted pork loin. More Healthy Pasta Recipes
"I love knowing that I have leftovers in the refrigerator," says Shelley Lindgren. She'll often make pasta during the day—like this rich, pancetta-studded bucatini that's tossed with plenty of freshly ground black pepper and Pecorino—and then reheat a big bowl of it when she comes home from work late at night. More Pasta Recipes