Sheamus Feeley

Roasted Peppers with Leeks
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This recipe calls for sweet bell peppers, but it's also terrific with Gypsy peppers, a slender variety that comes in a range of flavors. "You play the pepper lottery," Sheamus Feeley says. "Some Gypsies are hot, some sweet, and every now and then, one lights you up, it's so fiery." More Vegetable Side Dishes
A terrific salsa verde makes this velvety potato salad extraordinary. Here the salsa is made with parsley and chives; try making it with other summer herbs, like tarragon or basil, as well. More Potato Salad Recipes
Sheamus Feeley loves to bake this moist cake at harvest time using Long Meadow's own Sangiovese grapes and grape juice, but any seedless red table grapes and unsweetened grape juice will work. More Great Cakes
Chicken Grilled Under a Brick
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Marinating chicken overnight seasons them all the way through; grilling them under a brick makes the skin crisp. More Grilled Chicken Recipes