Shaun Searley

If there’s a better way to eat cauliflower than this gratin from Blacklock, we have yet to come across it. A powerhouse of English cheeses—Montgomery’s crumbly and nutty cheddar; Ogleshield, a washed-rind Jersey cow milk cheese; and buttery, blue-veined Colston Bassett Stilton—blankets cauliflower florets in a béchamel. 
When chef Shaun Searley prepares these crispy potatoes at The Quality Chop House in London, he starts with King Edward potatoes, which have a fluffy texture. Be sure to start a day ahead so the cooled confit potatoes slice cleanly. The portioned potatoes can then be stored in the freezer for up to a month before frying.
Sea Salt Rib Roast
Rating: Unrated
Longtime friends James Knappett and Shaun Searley teamed up to deliver this grand rib roast—a crowning moment for any meal. Showering the roast with a handful of English Maldon salt adds an extra layer of crunch to the roast’s crust. The sliced roast is then further seasoned with sel gris, a coarse sea salt with deep minerality that pairs beautifully with beef. Be sure to remove the roast from the oven when the internal temperature reaches 120°F; it will continue cooking during the 40-minute rest time.