Sara Kramer

Young spring onions with smaller bulbs cook more evenly on a hot grill and are ideal for this lovely starter or side dish. If you can only find onions with larger bulbs, halve them lengthwise before cooking.
Chefs Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson of Los Angeles's Kismet serve these tender steamed greens in a pool of seasoned buttermilk, but you can also use kefir, a fermented milk frequently used in Middle Eastern cooking, or plain yogurt. Serve these greens alongside the Crispy Rice with Dried Mint and Lemon and the Braised Chicken with Fava Beans—the flavorful buttermilk doubles as a delicious sauce. Slideshow:  More Swiss Chard Recipes 
A touch of orange blossom water, a fragrant extract that is often used in Middle Eastern pastries, adds a floral note to the leeks and tarragon in this light mussel salad on toast. Slideshow:  More Bruschetta and Crostini Recipes