Samantha Seneviratne

This fancier cousin to a chocolate cream pie gets complex depth from a combination of bittersweet and milk chocolate, and plenty of richness from heavy cream. A touch of cardamom in the custard and the whipped-cream topping, plus the contrasting crunch of homemade nut brittle, elevate this dessert far above the ordinary.
This treat might remind you of a tarte Tatin, since it’s also topped with gorgeously caramelized apples. But the similarities end there. Instead of cake, the base is a buttery yeasted bread with a creamy almond-paste filling tucked inside. Even better, the apples sizzle in caramel before they’re arranged in a baking pan that’s been sprinkled with crystallized ginger, ensuring gently spiced flavor in every bite. Enjoy it for breakfast in the morning and dessert in the evening (and any time in between).