Salma Abdelnour

Why can't we talk about wine as easily as we talk about food? Writer Salma Abdelnour seeks out a common language while drinking Pinot Grigio with burgers.
Today, some of the country’s busiest and best food entrepreneurs are also chefs. Here, 10 extraordinary, prolific chef-restaurateurs from coast to coast.
A young chef's job can be thankless. Besides coping with the usual challenges--long hours, cramped kitchens--ambitious newcomers have to captivate a jaded public. Every year, a few do so and earn our Best New Chef award. On this page, you'll meet this year's stars of the future. All have run a kitchen for less than five years, and in that short time, they've managed to seize our attention with their bold visions and dazzling food. Luckily, our job--indulging in their fabulous creations--is much easier than theirs.