Rupam Bhagat

Spiced Pumpkin Lassi
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For this thick and creamy pumpkin lassi from chef Rupam Bhagat of Dum in San Francisco, be sure to use a nice, healthy squash for a smooth texture and rich flavor. If you want a thinner consistency, add water gradually 1/4 cup at a time. Slideshow: More Pumpkin Recipes 
Fried Tandoori Chicken
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For extra-juicy—and flavorful—fried chicken, chef Rupam Bhagat of Dum in San Francisco marinates his meat using the traditional two-step tandoori process: He first lets the chicken sit in a blend of aromatic spices for 12 hours and then folds in yogurt that helps tenderize the meat and caramelize the crust when it’s fried. Slideshow: More Fried Chicken Recipes