Robert Wiedmaier

Chef Robert Wiedmaier gives butchering demos at the Butcher's Block in Alexandria, Virginia. At his restaurant next door, Brabo, he serves elegant dishes, like this veal chop. To make the wine sauce even more complex, use demiglace (concentrated veal stock) instead of beef stock and flour. Demiglace is available from dartagnan.comMore Veal Recipes
When a chop is cooked this simply, it’s critical to use the best-quality pork. Robert Wiedmaier buys his deeply flavorful, nicely fatty, pasture-raised pork from Virginia’s EcoFriendly Foods. Wiedmaier turns humble cabbage into a luxurious side dish for the chops by cooking it with bacon, apple and cream. A hit of mustard and vinegar keeps the recipe from feeling too rich. Plus  More Pork Recipes