Robert M. Parker, Jr.

World-famous wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr., explains why these Rhône wines so captivate him and names 20 producers he reveres.
A concise history from the world’s most famous wine critic.
Robert M. Parker, Jr., started his influential wine newsletter, The Wine Advocate, in 1978, the same year F&W debuted. Parker has contributed to F&W for decades, filing reports on his beloved Bordeaux and Napa Valley and expounding on new producers, up-and-coming regions, wine trends, prices and much more. Here, he checks in with F&W’s Ray Isle about his past predictions and pronouncements and tells where he got things right—and wrong.
Robert M. Parker, Jr., the world's foremost wine guru, makes 12 bold predictions about seismic changes that will influence how we'll shop, what we'll buy and how much we'll pay.