Rich Torrisi

Pommes Puree
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These sublime buttery, creamy potatoes are based on the version made famous by French culinary legend Joël Robuchon. Slideshow:  More Potato Recipes 
For their unconventional tartare, Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone quickly sear beef before finely chopping it. As an homage to Delmonico's, they use the Delmonico steak cut—the eye of the rib eye. "If you get a good steak at a place like Delmonico's, chances are you're having béarnaise with it," says Torrisi. "And if you get beef tartare, it should have an egg yolk in there. We mixed up those two ideas." At the restaurant, the chefs mix the sauce with calcium lactate, a thickening agent, so it looks like an egg yolk. This recipe is for a more classic béarnaise. More Steak Recipes