Ravi Kapur
Ravi Kapur

Ravi Kapur

Restaurant: Liholiho Yacht Club Location: San Francisco The motto at Ravi Kapur's sensational Hawaii–meets–San Francisco restaurant is "Get Jag," an island term for "have a good time." It's hashtagged all over Liholiho's Instagram feed and encapsulates the exuberant spirit of Kapur's cooking. So does his quintessential dish: tuna poke with spicy mayo, sesame oil and crispy battered-and-fried nori crackers.
This summer cookout showstopper by 2016 BNC member Ravi Kapur, owner of Liholiho Yacht Club in San Francisco, is your umami-packed, Hawaiian-inspired answer to grilling monotony. The glaze comes together quickly, and layers tart pineapple and tangy kimchi onto juicy hanger steak as it grills. It’s thinner and runnier than traditional BBQ sauces, so be sure to baste the meat several times while it grills to caramelize the sugars and develop grill marks. Leftover miso compound butter will keep for five days in your fridge and is a transformative addition to seafood, tossed with pasta, or brushed on grilled vegetables.Related: More Steak Recipes
Restaurant motto: "Get Jag," an island term for "party on." Read more about this amazing San Francisco talent, one of the new Food & Wine Best New Chefs.
Tuna Poke on Nori Crackers
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At Liholiho Yacht Club in San Francisco, chef Ravi Kapur serves his superdelicious take on the Hawaiian classic tuna poke on crispy, deep-fried nori crackers. A dollop of seasoned aioli is the perfect finish. Kapur makes his aioli, but he says any good-quality mayonnaise is a fine substitute. Slideshow:  More Tuna Recipes